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Full Moon in Capricorn 2015

"Matissedance". Via Wikipedia -

“Matissedance”. Via Wikipedia –

Where do I begin? Look at all of the motion in the news. Marriage equality, gender identification, race relations, the fate of the European Union. When you’re giving birth to a new era, don’t expect an easy labor and delivery.

This full moon is activating big change. After years of Uranus/Pluto dredging up and breaking apart old paradigms and structures, and Mercury retrograde’s caution about moving forward too quickly, we are finally beginning to see a glimmer of the future.

I hesitate to say the word “resolved” in any of what we’ve seen in the last few weeks. Roe v. Wade did not resolve the debate on abortion. But it did create a new line in the sand. Celebrate that.

The Moon is joined by Pluto and the Sun is joined by Mars, which intensifies the polarity and brings the potential of violence. We are certainly seeing that. We’re seeing it in the south here in the US, with even many conservatives calling to have the Confederate flag removed from government property. In response, churches are burning. The people who have invested their identities in ways of life that are dead are in crisis while those who embrace the future stand firm. The families of those killed in the church in Charleston who stood in front of the killer and forgave him. The little girl holding the rainbow flag in front of the raging homophobe in Ohio. They are the standard bearers of the new era.

The polarity is between Cancer and Capricorn, the archetypal signs of the mother and the father; between nurturance and self-reliance; between the masses and their governments; between the people and corporations. In individual lives, it’s between self-care and achievement. Those are the battle lines. The goal is integration. The way to that is shown in the Moon’s nodes which are forming a grand cross with the north node in Libra and the south node in Aries. It’s about how we operate individually and in relationship to others.

Each of us is playing this out in our own ways, and with different levels of intensity based on what our own chart looks like. If you have planets or angles in early- to mid-cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), you are feeling this more than people who don’t have those contacts. After years of crisis, struggle, effort, and the unpredictable, they are—we are—entering a new phase of adjustment and integration. But even if you don’t feel it personally, it is so much a part of the zeitgeist that you can’t help but see it all around you. There is no undo button, there is no going back. There is only forward.

The other configuration that is worthy of note right now is the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Leo. They are big and bright and crystal clear in the night sky. It’s very likely that this is what the magi saw that led them to Jesus. Venus and Jupiter translate to “big love” and that was Jesus’ message. Unfortunately, that message seems to have been lost on many of his most vocal followers.

One of the things that I find so interesting about this conjunction is that they are also inconjunct Chiron, which is now in Pisces. Chiron is the wounded healer. Pisces is the sign that rules Christianity. Christianity is wounded and needs to be healed. An inconjunct is difficult because it is indirect. It doesn’t lead to a direct confrontation like the opposition does. It’s like having an itch in a place you can’t quite reach. Sometimes you have no choice but to sit with what hurts. Hopefully, the experience teaches compassion for people and situations and even, and maybe mostly, for ourselves.

A lot of the intolerance and hatred and anger out there comes from a lack of self-love and compassion. When we can’t look at ourselves honestly and with love, we sometimes take our anger and disgust at ourselves and project that onto other people. Let’s not do that. Whatever you are doing, wherever these changes are taking you, do it with love and do it with compassion.

Let’s use this strong, challenging energy of the full moon, and the big, emotional energy of the Venus/Jupiter conjunction to take new steps forward. The way we live our lives right now is an act of co-creation.

Create something beautiful this week.

New Moon in Gemini 2015

Lola's got what she wants

Lola’s got what she wants

26 Gemini

Feeling like a puppy in a hurry on a newly waxed floor? If so, you’re not alone.

We’ve been held back for quite a while now. Saturn’s been involved in recent lunations that have felt like a giant hand on your forehead as you tried to move forward. Saturn has backed out of Sagittarius for its last gasp in Scorpio. Finally, Mercury retrograde has gone direct and is slowly picking up speed. That’s the backdrop.

Now as we come up to the new moon, we find that Mars is right next to the Sun and the Moon, one degree away, in Gemini. Gemini is all about movement and ideas and communication. And sure enough,  I’ve been busy over the weekend talking to a lot of astrologers about ideas we all have for the things we’d like to see happen. You may be having the same experience with coworkers and family members. There are a whole lot of people out there with an abundance of interesting ideas and an eagerness to get going.

The challenge is to focus. Not Gemini’s strong suit. And Mars is there to add a sense of urgency. If that energy isn’t disciplined and directed, the danger is that it will just dissipate. That danger is increased by aspects from Jupiter (the planet that makes things bigger) on one side and Uranus (the planet of lightning bolts and earthquakes) on the other. It reminds me of my old job in high tech where I could wake up in the morning and find 500 new emails in my inbox with the staccato beat of that little “you’ve got mail” ding going off in the background. Sometimes you just have to step back, let it fly, and when people start to exhaust themselves you can step back in again. You don’t have to respond to everything.

The moon will move out of Gemini into Cancer the next day, and the sun follows on the 21st so you can expect this Gemini energy to shift fairly quickly. We’ll talk about Cancer next time.

There’s another interesting thing going on and that’s the approaching conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Leo. Venus is about love and affection and art and children–all the things that makes Leo happy. And Jupiter, as I said before, is all about making things bigger. Bigger isn’t always better but big Venus and big Leo, if nothing else is a whole lot of fun. But this isn’t just a conjunction, the planets are also parallel to one another. Parallels are a lot like conjunctions in that the two planets are in close proximity creating a vibrant energy exchange. It adds a whole lot of oomph. If that weren’t enough to jump start your heart and your spirit, those two planets are trine wild and crazy Uranus. This configuration is building throughout the rest of the month, so fasten your seatbelts. We’re in for a wild, passionate, and potentially very creative and dynamic ride.

This lineup can be an especially wonderful gift for artists and lovers who are primed to access that energy and channel it to wherever they want it to go. So observe extreme emotional swings but open you heart and your creative self and enjoy this prelude to summer. If you’ve really been wanting to create something, or act from your passions, and you’ve been doing the work, now’s the time to go get what you want.

New Moon in Sagittarius 2015

Katie (c) Jim Larsen

My sister, Katie (c) Jim Larsen

This full moon is in Sagittarius, one of my favorite signs. So optimistic and forward thinking. Since it’s full, it’s shining its light back on Gemini where the sun, Mars and the retrograde Mercury are gathering. So let’s look at the sign that the moon is illuminating.

One way of looking at the wheel of the zodiac is that it describes the journey we’re all on. The first step of the journey begins when the Sun moves into Aries. That’s about the first impulse to life, the inspiration. The second step begins when the Sun enters Taurus. That’s where the task is to put down roots so that we can feed ourselves and hold on for dear life. The third step, the one that begins when the Sun enters Gemini is when we first begin to be aware that we are not alone on this planet. There are others, and we have to deal with them.

Our first “others” are our siblings. The people who inhabit our space. If we don’t have siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and even neighbors will do. As my first astrology teacher described them, they are the people who are joined together but whose best interests are often in conflict. Since I have 11 siblings, that definition resonated for me, big time.

There is no hierarchy in Gemini the way there is with a parent. There is no equality, the way there is with a partner. There isn’t necessarily even a shared vision of the future that is so important in friendships. There is just this side-by-side existence where we’re all trying to figure out how to get along and how to navigate through this journey we’re on.

Our siblings teach us what the rules are. We play games and we share chores. We learn to communicate our needs. Over time, we learn to build little fences to protect our boundaries. Those little fences enable each of us to pursue our own best interests without trampling on the best interests of those around us. That’s what Gemini is all about. Gathering data and skills to help us navigate those sticky life situations where we encounter people we have to deal with but who are on a different journey.

Where we are in this year’s journey—the one that started when the Sun entered Aries—is that we are at the information-gathering place. All the information you need is not there. Something new will be revealed through the retrograde process. You may be developing a new skill and thinking about how to communicate to the people who need to know. Because Mars is part of the mix, the urge to act is strong. Saturn’s been in the picture, opposing these planets from Sagittarius. While it isn’t still in orb, its restrictive energy is still felt—telling us to slow down, don’t move too fast. For most of us that’s a really uncomfortable place to be. We don’t like to be held back when we feel ready to go.

You may also find yourself in conflict with people whose best interests are different from your own. Use this time to observe how you operate in that situation. Do you just push through based on your own needs and expectations or do you abdicate your needs rather than hold your ground? Or are you able to imagine a third way?

The moon is in Sagittarius, which tells us to look at the big picture. Don’t be a short-term thinker. Think about how where you’re going fits into the whole scheme of things. But while you do that, reflect back on gathering information, building skills, and the cooperation and support you can draw on from your immediate community. The Sagittarian big picture and the Gemini details are interdependent. And all the facts are not in and won’t be available until Mercury completes this whole retrograde cycle at the end of June.

Let’s face it. Sometimes we have to act without all the facts, and we can’t dive under the covers for the duration of a retrograde. But there is something you can watch for—some biofeedback—that can help you through. If you feel impatient, a sense of urgency, that you must immediately decide or take action—that’s when you’re most likely to overlook something that may have been right under your nose.

Listen and stay flexible.

Many people have been through the ringer over the last few years. A lot of people are a little frayed at the edges. Unless the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming, assume the best. Give people the space they need to do and be their best—and carve out the same for yourself.

New Moon in Taurus 2015

(c) Jim Larsen

(c) Jim Larsen

This is one heck of a new moon.

Last month at the new moon, we had that bolt of new inspiration and a strong urge to act, followed quickly by a pull to make it manifest. Now we have the new moon in rooted Taurus, with a quick shift to the ADD sign of Gemini. So get that seed planted quick before it’s time to get moving.

Of course Gemini is more than the ADD sign. It’s the third stage in the flow between that spark of life symbolized by Aries, followed by Taurus’ urge to hold onto the earth, where we learn to feed ourselves. From a development standpoint, Gemini is where we stretch our arms out and become aware that there is world out there. It is here where we meet our siblings and our neighbors. We play games to learn the rules of engagement and it’s where we learn to use our words to negotiate the world we find ourselves in. After that planted energy of Taurus, it’s where we want more than anything to move.

And yet …

Saturn is there, like a giant hand against our foreheads, holding us back. I live with a form of this “driving with your brakes on” phenomenon on a daily basis. I have Mars and Mercury square Saturn. I’m an expert on this one. When I was young it created kind of a herky-jerky, stop-go motion. I was always trying to go in the out door. I thought resistance was a signal to push harder. It took me a long time—and it took astrology—to help me figure that out.

I had to learn the hard way that it wasn’t something to fight against, it was thing to obey. Slow down. Stop. Look around. It wasn’t my enemy; when I listened it was my friend. I had to learn the art of alert, attentive and active not-doing.

When you use Saturn opposition well, to observe and learn and plan and be disciplined in your responses, you’ll learn how much energy and power it can create.

This message is reinforced by Mercury’s retrograde. Most people I’ve been talking to have been feeling it already. Computer issues. Car issues. Miscommunications. All with an added layer of frustration that the Saturn opposition signals.

When you put all these things together and it’s going badly, this is what you’ll feel. Frustrated. Wanting to move forward but stuck. Not able to get what you want when you want it. Irritated. If you feel any of that, this is your signal to stop. Take an inventory of what’s going on. Assume that you don’t have the whole story; that there is more information to come. Read the fine print.

Too often people take the attitude that they just need to wait it out. Don’t sign papers. Don’t buy a car or a new toaster. That’s really missing the point. Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. The sun is opposite Saturn once a year; the moon once a month. What adult in this world can live like that? Don’t waste your time that way. Instead, use this time to find guidance to a better way.

In conversations and negotiations with others, it’s the time to let other people tell you who they are. Take it under advisement. You don’t need to respond immediately.

There is something else that I noticed about this new moon, something I don’t usually talk about because it is a bit more complicated to explain in a blog like this. But with all of the frustrating energy out there right now, I think this is worth mentioning. The new moon sits on the Jupiter/Neptune  midpoint. Jupiter is in the creative sign of Leo; it makes things bigger. Neptune is in the sensitive and dreamy sign of Pisces, the sign it rules. And the new moon, of course is in Taurus, the sign of productivity and fertility. There is a whole lot of creative potential in this that I think is worth trying to tap into.

With all of the frustrations out there and the limitations on moving forward, I think it’s telling us to take that little seed you are planting at this new moon, infuse it with big spirit. Let it concentrate there. Don’t abandon the big dream, the big vision. Visualize that energy moving through those roots. Do something to make it manifest—draw a picture, write a poem, put a picture of it on your altar. Focus on it until the Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st. Then let it go.

Go about your business. Tend to the new information that the retrograde will bring. Listen more than talk. Give Saturn its due diligence. And have faith. If the universe shares your dream, you’ll see it in due time. If not, have faith in the path that opens.

In remembrance …

Full Moon in Scorpio 2015

(c) Jim Larsen

In my last blog at the new moon, I talked about that quick shift from the new moon in Aries to the entry of the moon and then the sun into Taurus—from the inspiration to the manifestation. Now we’ve got the full moon shining its light on it all. Did you notice what happens to you in that transition from inspiration to manifestation?

One of the things that’s been on the back burner for me, has been that my long-time art group wasn’t completely doing it for me. I need more and so did some others in the group. We’ve been talking about this for a while, but “coincidentally” on the new moon, we made the commitment by setting a date to meet just as the full moon was approaching.

Supported by the energy of the approaching Scorpio full moon, we started by talking about what we need—which is a vulnerable place to go. The thing that came into the spotlight for me is that I have no trouble starting. No trouble knowing what to do next. No trouble staying motivated. No trouble with endurance. My go button is fully functional and right where my hand can reach it. It’s my stop button that seems to have gotten lost somehow. I need to find it.

This Sun in Taurus is like a frog, sitting on a lily pad in the sunshine. The lily pad is comfortable. It’s known. And yet, there are those deep, dark waters. What lies beneath could be a monster or a treasure. The only way to find out is to dive in. Should we, or shouldn’t we?

There is no one answer to that question. It would be so easy if it were. If there wasn’t something to lose, it wouldn’t be so scary. Myself, I cannot stand looking at that water, knowing that it is going to pull and pull at me until I dive in. What I’ve had to learn is to be grateful and appreciate where I am right now because once I dive in, the now is past. For others, the pull of staying on that lily pad is much stronger than the lure of the water.

At this full moon, we may find ourselves facing this pull. But that isn’t the only one. Off to the side, forming a T-square sits Jupiter in Leo. This is big, creative, playful energy and it amplifies the tension. It’s the urge to be our very special selves. You cannot fully be that if you don’t appreciate and embrace both ends of the Taurus/Scorpio polarity.

If you’re struggling with something right now and you need help trying to resolve it, look to the planets that sextile or trine the sun and moon. In this case, Pluto is trining the Sun and sextiling the moon—connecting us to the fading Uranus/Pluto opposition.

The cry I’ve been hearing over the last couple of weeks is, “I thought Uranus/Pluto was over?” It is. What isn’t over is the integration. The conjunction happened as I was a young adult. A lot of the action took place in the months and even years after Uranus moved ahead. Pluto is slow to reveal itself.

If you find yourself wondering if that thing that was lost is going to come back, probably not. Look instead for the little green shoots pushing through the soil. Take good care of them. They’re the future.

The gift in this full moon is that it’s shining its light on things just before Mercury enters its shadow. It won’t go retrograde until the new moon. This gives us the opportunity to thoughtfully consider before we fully enter the time to review, revise, and rethink.

It’s time to pay attention. Take a look at what’s submerged in the deep waters. Soon enough, Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio, to do a final clearing out of the old emotional debris that no longer serves.

But it’s also time to take pleasure in who we are, how we got here, and have some wonder about where we’re going.

New Moon in Aries 2015

(c) Pat Collins

(c) Pat Collins

28 Aries 25

Sabian Symbol  The music of the spheres. Keynote: Attunement to the cosmic order. Listen to the inner voice.

We’re in the middle of a series of new moons that are taking place at the end of the signs—bringing the ending and the beginning into close proximity. Seems appropriate since the series of Uranus/Pluto squares that have dominated for the last few years is finally in the rearview mirror.

Each new moon will move backward by a little over a degree each month, so we’ll have these new moons for a while that are quickly followed by a change of sign. What that feels like is related to the signs of course, but this new moon in Aries is a good one to look at to get a sense of it.

Aries is about beginnings, starting things. It loves the bright and shiny new thing. It’s impulsive and like all cardinal signs, it’s got a definite direction it wants to go—and it’s impatient to get there. The problem is that by itself, it doesn’t have the staying power to complete complex tasks. It needs the energy of the next sign, Taurus, to ground it.

So for this new moon, it’s going to be particularly important to be in “attunement to the cosmic order. “ We need to take that energy and quickly get it grounded—that’s what Taurus does best. But we have to do it without taking all the energy out of it. Because Taurus’ other side wants to hang out on the couch eating bon-bons.

Within a little over two hours, the moon moves into Taurus. It’s a great opportunity to capture the energy and make it manifest. Here in SoCal where I am, the new moon is happening at 11:56 pm, just before noon and the shift of the moon into Taurus is around two and a half hours later.

What I suggest is that you take the fire of the Aries new moon and then, as the energy shifts, do something to give it form, to make it real. Write it down. Draw a picture of it. Create an image and put it where you can see it—on your altar if you have one. Tell a friend, if that helps you make a commitment to it.

Pay attention to how it feels when that shift happens. Does the fire go out under the weight of practical considerations? I don’t know how, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the skill, I need helpers. There are a million things that can come up for us when it comes to taking the inspiration and making it real. Change that to: I’ll find out how, I’ll create the money, I’ll gain the skill, I’ll find helpers.

Spend the moon in Taurus doing that—identifying how you feel about making it manifest—and then when the moon goes into Gemini on Monday, start making your list of what needs to be done, communicate with others about your plan—then you’ll be ready for the Sun’s entry into Taurus when you can put your energy into making it real.

One of the coolest things about astrology is that when you are stuck and need to make something manifest, you can use the horoscope wheel as a checklist for the stages of creative manifestation.

As a heads up, Mercury goes retrograde next month, on May 19th at 13 Gemini. It goes direct at 4 Gemini on June 12th. That puts the shadow back on May 4th. That’s your window of opportunity—beginning on May 4th and extending through the retrograde cycle to the close of the shadow on May 28th—to re-examine and revise whatever you’re setting in motion now. Used well, those retrograde periods are golden for figuring out where you need to make adjustments. Also, if you’ve got any car maintenance that needs doing, do it now.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra

(c) Jim Larsen

(c) Jim Larsen

My favorite eclipse memory was when my husband and I took our kayak out on the American River to watch the eclipse. We pushed off a bit early, then sat and listened to the sounds of nature in the foreground and the city murmuring in the distance. Flickers tapping on trees. A murder of magpies chattering as they marched up and down the levee. A heron wading in the water looking for a tasty morsel while the city hummed in the morning rush.

Just as the edge of the moon moved between the earth and the sun, everything went silent. The birds, the bugs … the horns, the sirens. That was followed by a curious buzzing as if they each turned to the other to ask what was going on. Then the critters settled in for the night and the city hushed until the moon started moving away, the light returned and puzzled noises sprinkled the air as if they didn’t know whether to trust themselves.

This eclipse is a Blood Moon. Where I live the sun will be eclipsed as it rises. It’s happening at a significant time for Jews and Christians; and for us all, at a time when nations have come together seeking peace instead of war, while others long for war and not peace.

It’s critical that we drink in that double shot of  insight.

Astrologically, it’s critical because it’s just two degrees away from Uranus which is slowly separating from Pluto. That whole chapter is over—except for integrating all the information we downloaded over the last four years and the feeling around in the dark to find out what it all means. Pluto’s slow motion lingers over us as the Uranian thunder and lightening drifts away.

My acupuncturist said something to me yesterday about writing the new chapter. That’s what we’re doing. We’re starting to write on a fresh page, in a new chapter, following the arc of the story

At the eclipse on March 20th, the Sabian symbol was about how clearly visualized ideals can shape our future. Now the Sabian symbol for the moon this time is, “Circular paths… Coming to terms with the inevitability of establishing steady rhythms of social activity.” Our lives are built on these rhythms. We get up, get dressed, go about our days, and return, like the sun and the moon. Those rhythms can become ruts that trap us or sacred practices that lift us up—not so much for what they are but for the spirit in which we do them. For many of us, our rhythms have changed forever.

I’ve noticed that when I’m in one of those places in my life where what was isn’t anymore and what’s to come hasn’t quite been figured out, that’s when I’ll binge watch movies or play mind-numbing computer games. The only creativity in it is creating a space between what was and what will be. I think it resets the circuits. As this eclipse has been getting closer, I’ve been feeling a real quickening. Offhand comments by friends that are on point. Something I’ve seen a million times but now I’m seeing with new eyes. Just yesterday, it was the address on an envelope sitting on a mailbox that triggered a release.

Embrace this. Live your life. But more. Love it. Love all of it. No matter how uncertain you are about where you’re going, whether you’ve been in joy or sorrow, loss or gain, gather it all up and write your story forward.


Total Solar Eclipse

Lynne Cochran, 1958-2014

Lynne Cochran, 1958-2014

It’s hard to write this blog. When I last wrote, I was finishing up before taking off for the Olympic Rainforest where my friend Lynne and I had reservations on Lake Crescent. We’ve both been in major transition mode and we wanted to embrace the solstice energy with a ritual in a place that fed our souls.

For the last year, Lynne said she felt like she was dying. She had no diagnosed illness, but she was feeling that something was shedding; she didn’t think the way she thought before. It was more than just gaining new insights. It was like she was in transition to becoming a new person. Pluto was on her natal Mercury. It was metaphorical, we told ourselves.

A few days after I posted the blog, I got a call from her saying that she was just back from the emergency room and that she had cancer. I flew up expecting that we would somehow manage keep our reservation at the lodge and do our ritual before the doctors took over her life. Instead I became her hospice buddy and two days before we planned to leave for the lake, she passed.

I kept the reservation to do our ritual then came back to spend the next month folding up her life—giving her clothes to a woman’s group that helps women transitioning back into the workforce, her astrology and metaphysical books to East/West Books, making sure that her many friends had something of hers to carry with them.

It was an honor to be with her and to carry out her last wishes. We were friends for 30 years. She was a swimming buddy, a garden-mate and a road-trip co-pilot. One of those friends who bear witness to your life in ways that few do. She was a keen observer and unfailingly honest and direct—the kind of friend who will call you on your stuff and still love you. One of the best astrologers I’ve ever known—the kind that never sees a client but really worked with her chart. Some astrologers may know her from the text she wrote for Astrolabe’s Composite Report. I still find myself wanting to send her an email to share a thought or ask a question.

This isn’t the first time someone close to me has passed. My grandparents. My parents. My sweet sister, Katie. My dear friend, JoEllen. My husband. When it happens, it always feels like there is a tear in the universe. It takes time to heal. I’m still in that place. It’s hard for me to blog because I’m still a little speechless.

Yet there is so much going on out there, and I’ve heard from many who want to know what happened, where I went and what was going on. It’s time to get back to it. Especially since we are now at the end of the much talked about Uranus/Pluto square. It has brought tremendous changes on a political level—changes that we’ll need time to fully understand. And it has brought tremendous changes on a personal level for those who have planets or angles that are at the affected degrees. It is making it’s final exact square as we approach the eclipse cycle at the very last degree of the zodiac, just hours before the sun moves into Aries and we begin a new astrological year.

Combine all these things—the last four years of Uranus/Pluto, the eclipse, the equinox and, oh yes, the solar storms—and you are likely feeling a whole lot of intensity with this. Take care of yourself. Rest. Drink plenty of fluids.

Let yourself be guided by this message from Dane Rudhyar’s keynote for the degree of this eclipse: The power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer.

Shape your life through the lens of your highest self and you will shape a more beautiful world.

New Moon in Sagittarius 2014

Lake Crescent. Elwhajeff at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-SA-3.0

Lake Crescent. Elwhajeff at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-SA-3.0

New Moons are the times of beginnings and here we have a new moon at zero degrees of Sagittarius. Double dose of new.

Pay attention to the seeds you are planting now. Especially look for seeds you may be planting unconsciously, as a holdover from all of the Scorpio energy. All these seeds—the conscious and the conscious—have real potential for growth.

Saturn’s been in Scorpio for two long years (especially long to those of us with a lot of planets there), and we’ve had Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Moon all there recently. That’s been a lot of focus on the deep, inner recesses of our subterranean landscapes. It’s been very much about looking back at dark places.

Venus led the charge out of Scorpio on November 15th, then the Sun entered Sagittarius in the wee hours of the 22nd, and the Moon followed just a few hours later to form the new moon in adventurous, forward-looking, philosophical Sagittarius. Where we have been in fixed water, we enter mutable fire. Big vistas, foreign lands, optimism and hope. Just in the nick of time for the winter holidays.

Saturn will step out of Scorpio on December 23rd but will return between mid-June and mid-September in 2015. That will impact people who have planets or angles at late degrees but to those with early to mid-Scorpio placements, this journey is all but done.

During this new moon cycle, the thing to be cautious about is unrealistic expectations. Jupiter in Leo can be grandiose. It likes big, bold gestures and drama. It’s forming an inconjunct to Mars in Capricorn. Capricorn has its limits; limits that are rooted in the real world. It may be hard, and we may not like it, but we really do need to approach things right now with an awareness and acknowledgement of the limits. Not just our own, but the limits of others. Like the home décor magazine that does a photo of a million dollar room next to another photo that shows the same look at feel for an earth-bound price tag–we need to take the vision and make it work within the real limits.

That’s the best way to care for the seeds we’re planting now.

Full Moon in Taurus 2014

(c) Jim Larsen

(c) Jim Larsen

The pace is picking up. The things that were hovering, neither moving forward or backward but building up steam are finally starting to chug away. I’ve been so busy with clients –who are sharing my accelerated pace—with projects, with school, with family—this full moon just came too fast for me. I apologize for my tardiness.

What the full moon brought to my house was the engagement of my son to a lovely young woman who, like him, works hard to create a better world. All good things to both of them.

One of the things that makes this momentum challenging right now is that the full moon is in Taurus, the sign that would be really happy to luxuriate in the status quo, in comfort and security. Have a big comfort-food meal and lie on the couch.

Full moons are about contrasts, tensions between two poles, and this tension is a strong one. There’s nothing more creature comfort seeking that and Taurus moon. It’s the frog sitting on the lily pad, not wanting to take a leap. On the other side, the sun is in Scorpio. Scorpio is all about the exchange—what’s it going to cost to languish in the sun, not moving. What’s it got to give up to get what it wants?

From the earth, the sun and the moon are relatively the same size and there is a metaphor in that. They are equally important. The solar energy fuels us and the lunar energy gives us our rhythm. It’s never about one over the other. You could be feeling really tired and a little lethargic right now. It is important to take a break, rest and feel good. Do it. Get your rest whenever and wherever you can. But while you rest, think about how to eliminate those things that just do not serve and do not belong. We’re going to do some Sagittarian travel pretty soon and you’ll want to travel light.

Another reason to unburden yourself of the unnecessary, is that within a couple of days—like now because I’m late with this—Mars is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, triggering the square between Uranus and Pluto that we’ve been talking about for so long. Mars in Capricorn is deliberate and relentless and it is pushing us deeper into the change. The square to Uranus on the 12th is volatile—for good or ill. It can accelerate the negative as well as the positive. But if you’ve been doing your work, making adjustments, listening to the universe, you have a good chance that this is going to take you closer to where you’re trying to go.

We’re also going to see Venus move out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on the 16th, then the Sun will join her on the 22nd, and right behind it, the moon, and we’ll be truckin’.

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