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Full Moon in Gemini | 2015

(c) Elise Tanis

(c) Elise Tanis

The moon grows full just as many of us in the US get ready to sit down with family and friends to give thanks. We do this in the wake of the horrible attacks in Paris. And of course, the danger isn’t over. This is a sober full moon.

One of the interesting things about this full moon, at least to me, is that it harkens back to the polarity that was being activated when 9/11 happened. At 9/11, we were in the middle of a Saturn/Pluto cycle. Saturn was in Gemini and Pluto was in Sagittarius. Now Saturn is in Sagittarius, nearing an opposition to the degree it was at when the towers came down; at the half-way point to its Saturn return. And the full moon is shining a light on the polarity between these two signs.

Gemini is all about what’s at arm’s length; the things that are close to us. Brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors: people who are joined together but whose best interests are often in conflict. Sagittarius is about the things that are at a distance. Foreigners. In-laws. People who are not joined together, but whose best interests are often shared.

You love your spouse and your in-laws love your spouse but that doesn’t mean that you love your in-laws or vice-versa. People in China and people in Washington state aren’t joined together but when there was a giant wind storm in China, the dust filled the sky in Seattle. In both cases, through the course of our lives, we learn communication techniques to help us navigate both of those terrains. One of the places we exercise this muscle is at the Thanksgiving table when we come together with family members who might not share our religious or political views. Given what’s going on in the world right now, some of that table talk could be tense this year.

The real struggle right now is between what’s familiar and what’s foreign. We are caught up in heated discussions about the refugees and immigration at a time when then whole concept of boundaries is porous. What do national boundaries mean when I can live in the US and be employed by a Japanese company; or be a citizen of Japan when my employer is a US company? When my great grandparents left Ireland for the US, they had no expectation of ever again seeing or talking to the families they left behind. Now you can leave your family in one country and that same day see them and talk to them half the world away. We often have stronger relationships with people we meet online than the people who live down the street.

Here we are talking about building fences when the whole notion of boundaries is dissolving.

That’s what the Saturn/Neptune square is about on a macro level. These borders and boundaries take place on multiple levels—politically, religiously, intellectually, materially. Essentially, the whole system that we built our presumptions on are failing, right and left. And many of these boundaries desperately need to fail—witness the events taking place between the black community in the US and the police. It isn’t just about physical distance, the psychic/cultural/spiritual distance can be just as profound. Something else is going to rise from the ashes. What that is depends on each of us, building from the micro to the macro. We are going to a new place. That place is being determined by everything we envision, choose, and commit to in our intentions, our thoughts and our actions.

We each need to look at where these transiting planets are in our own charts to see where we can best focus our efforts. Neptune is in Pisces right now, its own sign, which makes it especially potent. It’s dissolving all kinds of barriers. If we access the best in it, it will inspire us to find the thing that links us all. Saturn in Sagittarius can help us take on a sense of responsibility toward those who are far away.

Not all of us can play a big role in creating change. Most of us weren’t born to be the wave-makers. But we can make ripples. Don’t underestimate the value of being a ripple. In some way, in your daily life, become a ripple for a better way. Use this energy to give form to a new sense of one-ness, to grow more aware of what it is we all share, and how we can influence the shape of things to come in small ways.

We have a period of time ahead of us that’s quite volatile. But these same aspects that indicate the potential of more violence also are rich with creative potential. So as we head into this holiday season and we sit down with people holding very different views, see if you can find some common ground, some new way to address old arguments, new solutions for old problems. The future depends upon us.

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