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Full Moon in Pisces, August 31, 2015

(c) Jim Larsen 1978

(c) Jim Larsen 1978

Running a bit behind due to my son’s recent wedding. Here are my thoughts on the recent full moon. Remember that the full moon has a two-week shelf life—up until the next new moon.

Each sign always responds to the excesses of the sign that precedes it. At this full moon, following the big hearted, passionate, creative and sometimes narcissistic sign of Leo, Virgo comes along to say, “Not so fast. You may be special but you still have to brush your teeth, clean your room, get your job done.”

It’s easy to look at Virgo as the wet-blanket of the zodiac. It is particular, with a low tolerance for sloppiness or imprecision. It likes to take things apart, separate and categorize. It likes to reduce things to their essentials, eliminate waste and make things smaller. Where the energy of Leo is all wide open, walking into a room and filling the space, Virgo comes in with reserve, and if and when she speaks, it is often to say the thing that no one wants to hear. And yet, it is often exactly what needs to be said.

This is a full moon with light shining back from its opposite sign, Pisces—that boundary-ness energy that wants to see everyone and everything as the universal one-ness. Full moon in Pisces creates the dance of the whole and the parts. Together they are the forest and the trees.

The sun and the moon are not alone now. At the full moon, the sun is barely moving ahead of Jupiter, and the Moon is approaching Neptune. Jupiter in Virgo is a bit like trying to run a fire hose through a colander. Jupiter makes things bigger and Virgo loves to make things smaller so they are a bit at odds. Jupiter can make the pickiness of Virgo even pickier. Or it can bring the discriminating eye of Virgo to whatever you are working on or toward in a very big way. Pay attention to any inclination to be hypercritical of others right now, and see it as a reminder to turn that same critic’s eye to the things you may need to adjust.

On the moon side is Virgo’s opposite, Pisces—that boundary-less world where all is one and one is all and discrimination is a dirty word. With Neptune, the native ruler of Pisces conjunct the moon, that urge to merge is even stronger.

How do you hold those two poles simultaneously? In one hand is the vision of perfect union and in the other is the pieces, separated, organized, and examined. One side is not more important than the other. They are both necessary to the whole of life. So keep them both in the forefront through this lunar cycle. Don’t be surprised if your need for personal space is bigger than usual right now.

Another piece that is continuing to ramp up and will through the spring is the square between Jupiter and Saturn. This is the conflict between expansion and contraction, between conservative and liberal that is an important imprint in the chart of the US. Look to the area of your chart where these planets are now transiting—the beginning of Virgo for Jupiter and at the tail end of Scorpio for Saturn. Because this square is out of sign right now—its influence isn’t quite as strong. But once Saturn re-enters Sagittarius on September 17th, the intensity will pick up. Look for the areas in your life where you need to balance the urge to expand with the contracting energy of Saturn.

Mercury is moving into position for its retrograde in Libra in mid-September, so this is also a good time to start thinking about any routine maintenance that might need to be done, or where you may need to revisit and revise as we head toward fall.

Another heads up is that the next new moon takes us to the eclipse cycle. Eclipses have an extra measure of intensity. As we get closer to September 12th, think about the seeds you want to plant for the coming six months.

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