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Full Moon | July 31, 2015

(c) Pat Collins 2011

Lynne’s Wild Berry & Rhubarb Pie (c) Pat Collins 2011

This full moon is shining its light on a lot of Leo planets. There will be as many as four planets in Leo during this lunar cycle before it begins to shift into Virgo. So let’s begin by shining a little light on Leo first.

Each sign connects to and reflects upon the sign that came before it. Aries, the impulse to life; Taurus, holding ground; Gemini, reaching out; Cancer, going home. Then Leo. Moving past the family, past being member of tribe. What about me? It is the stage in human development where we need to ask the question, what’s so special about me?

None of us was put on this planet to be a cookie cutter of those who became before. We are special and we need to embrace who we are and why we’re here. Leo is creative and dramatic, playful and a risk taker. So let’s have some fun. In this lunation cycle—from this full moon until the new moon on August 14th, there will almost always be four planets in Leo. A few hours after the full moon, Venus is returning to Leo after briefly dipping her toe in Virgo. When Mercury leaves Leo, Mars enters the following day. No better time than right now to put energy into your creative passion or project.

One thing to keep an eye on is the inconjunct from the Sun to Neptune. Neptune rules imagination and the vision. An inconjunct (aka quincunx) is a challenging aspect but not in any direct or clear way. Let’s just say it has potential but it’s going to take some adjustment to realize it. So whether you are working on a project for work, or whether you’re carving a sculpture, you may find that you need to make adjustments to the original vision to accomplish your goal. The challenge for Leo is that it is a fixed sign and it doesn’t really like to change course once it’s decided how it’s going to be.

This is a full moon, so the task is to integrate the energy of all of those Leo planets with the Moon in Aquarius. Where the theme song for Leo might very well be Love Me Do, the theme song for Aquarius might be You Don’t Own Me. Where Leo is fixed fire, Aquarius is fixed air. Both of them are stubborn but where fire is hot, air is cool. Where Leo is personal, Aquarius is scientific. Aquarius wants to know where the creative act or product or passion or risk fits into the larger common good. And that maybe a good question to ask of Neptune. How does this vision, this creative product, or risk you’re taking fit into the big picture? Adjust as needed.

There are two other important things going on that are making the Leo party a little less festive. One is the square between Uranus and Mars. You may have been feeling lately that all your best laid plans are betraying you. The good news is that this influence is waning. You’re likely in the stage of figuring out what’s next.

The other important cosmic activity right now is the forming square between Jupiter and Saturn. It makes its first direct square in two days. Then it will form two exact conjunctions in March and May of next year. Just like the Sun and Moon have cycles, and like the cycle of Uranus and Pluto that we just experienced, all planetary pairs have cycles. This one, Jupiter and Saturn, is noteworthy.

Jupiter is the principle of growth and expansion. Saturn is the principle of contraction and limitation. When they are working together, it can be very, very productive. But when they are at odds, it can feel like every door you try to open is locked. One of the ways to get a sense of what it means is to look at it in the US chart. Jupiter and Saturn are in square there. The principal of liberalism (Jupiter) and the principle of conservatism (Saturn) butt heads. The cycle always begins when the two planets are conjunct. This cycle started back in 2000-2001 so where we are now is related to where we were then. We are in the middle of a crisis that will tell the tale about where we are going.

The good news is that though it does bring crisis, it also produces breakthroughs. I have the square in my own chart and my experience is that it calls for persistence; the ability to get up and keep moving. Keep the focus on your north star and trust that any blocks you are encountering, any frustration you are feeling is guiding you to where you need to be.

Enjoy the two weeks of this lunation cycle. Make room for your heart’s desire.

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