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Lunar Eclipse in Aries 2015

CCO Public Domain

Imagine if you will, a cosmic dinner party. The guests have arrived and have taken their seats at the table. The Sun is sitting in the Libra place, shining his light on what it means to be wedded. With him is the asteroid Juno, the wife, the protector of marriage. She’s got high standards. Love ya, baby just doesn’t cut it with Juno. What she cares about is the way the commitment is expressed, through deed, not word.

Sitting next to Juno is Black Moon Lilith, the wild woman—independent, rebellious, strong and free. Mercury, the gossip and trickster sits on the other side of the power-source, the Sun, itching to have a say. They have been called together to sit in the sign of peace and harmony.

Across the table, sits the nurturing Moon, red from the light of sunrises and sunsets bouncing off the earth. Next to her sits Vesta, the invisible. Literally. She’s the only Greek and Roman goddess without physical form. She is the hearth, around which the family gathers for warmth and nourishment. These two females associated with self-sacrifice are seated in Aries, the sign of the warrior.

Can’t you just imagine what that conversation would be like?

And they are hardly alone. This is a highly engaged formation. All the other planets are around the table. Pluto forming a T-square to the full moon, bringing issues of the use of power to the conversation. Mars and Saturn are in square, stop and go action, building up pressure that if harnessed can move mountains. Mercury is retrograde and square Pluto, turning inward, reviewing and revising its thinking in deep ways.

We have our work cut out for us at the critical juncture in human history. We have just been through a whole series of big cosmic events, and we’re moving through the last of the Age of Pisces toward the Age of Aquarius. And now we are invited to this conversation about them and us. It’s both a collective conversation—as seen in the refugee crisis, the racial crisis, the policing crisis—and a personal conversation—about our own relationships and commitments.

How this conversation takes place for you depends upon where this eclipse is taking place in your chart. If the eclipse is taking place between your second and eighth houses, the conversation may have to do with money and debt. In the fourth and tenth, it may be about career and home. Or fifth/eleventh, friendship and romance. Find 4 degrees of Aries/Libra in your own chart to identify how this falls for you. Pay attention to the conversations you have around these things in the coming months—and to the global conversation about the self and the other.

The point of the eclipse creates a hot spot, a sensitive point that will be active for up to six months. As other planets move over this degree, they will trigger this conversation again and again. Mercury will return to this degree on October 2nd, and then go back over it again on October 15th after it goes direct. Venus on November 12th. Mars on November 19th.

All of these days could be key times for revelations and insights into your relationships, and for global relationships. Pay particular attention if you have planets or points (ascendant/Midheaven) at 4 Aries/Libra. There is an opportunity afoot to take your relationships to a new level and with that create a ripple that moves outward, raising the vibration all around.

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