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New Moon in Cancer 2015

(c) Pat Collins

(c) Pat Collins

After years of new moons and full moons that have focused attention on the outer planets, this one is more about the personal planets. The personal planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. In their most stripped down symbolism they represent who we are, what we need, what we think, what we feel and what we want.

Right now they are all lined up together, starting in Cancer and ending in the neighboring sign of Leo. Only 45 degrees apart, which is a semi-square aspect to astrologers, half of a square. A tense configuration that begs resolution, with some danger of harshness along the way. So let’s unpack this.

First, the new moon is in Cancer, the sign that follows the fact-gathering sign of Gemini. It rules the home and the family–a tender and vulnerable place. It rules pregnancy–the act of taking it in, gestating it, and putting it back out again. It’s a good place to go to process the information we’ve gathered over the last few years.

Now’s the time to go home to what we feel about where the last few years have taken us. What do we think about where we are right now? What do we need and what do we want? This is both on the level of the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Greece, is the great big case in point, with flashing neon lights all around it. This is about what the people need, what they want, what they think, who they are. That’s the Mercury, Mars, Moon, and Sun in Cancer, which also rules the populace. On the other side of the chart, stands Pluto the powerful in the sign of Capricorn, the home of governments and corporations. Here we see the powerful wielding their demands over the people for something that they, in fact, set up. Germany taking the lead in this is more than a little ironic because some 60 years ago, Greece forgave Germany’s debts.

This is a battle that has been going on since we were gathering in caves around a campfire. Most people want to feel secure, at home, surrounded by friends and family and good feelings. But there is this other group that is never satisfied. They want more, more of whatever it is that’s caught their eye. It seems fitting that this fight is taking place in Greece, the seat of western civilization. The spiritual descendants of those who wanted more in the cave have formed corporations and taken over governments. They are the ones who want to own all the water, dump their waste into the sea and sky, grab all the money, make seeds sterile so that we can only buy from them. They are exhausting.

This new moon calls on us to reflect on that on a global level, and to give attention to our own needs and wants and the balance of power in our own lives. What do we give our power to? Is it consistent with our thoughts? Is it in alignment with what we value? We live in such a busy, fast-paced and distracting world that it can be difficult sometimes to really give attention to those questions. Now is the time to pause and reflect, to find our way back home.

The other part of the picture is what is taking place in the neighboring sign, Leo. Venus and Jupiter are brilliant and beautiful in the night sky right now, clearly visible soon after the sun goes down. This conjunction forms every two years, but this one is special because Venus is about to go retrograde. Because of the retrograde, these two planets will meet again, twice more until late October. This gives us a good long time to feel big feelings, and to really give ourselves over to the lessons of love. Right now, while they are in Leo, the focus is on romantic love, on our babies both physical and metaphorical. When these planets finally part, it will be in Virgo and it will have a very different flavor.

This New Moon brings us an opportunity to connect with ourselves, our families, with the people we love and who make us feel at home. As always, there are some cautions—some things to watch.

Jupiter makes things bigger. It “overs” things. With Venus, it’s the feelings that can get big and overwhelming. Watch for over consumption, especially of things like sweets and luxury items. Watch for feeling emotionally overwhelmed. If you can be in it and hold your center, that’s good. But if you need help, reach out. If you see others in this state, it’s okay to let them be in it, but be alert to those who may need help.

The other caution has to do with the conjunction between Mars and Mercury. At the moment of the New Moon, which colors the upcoming month, Mars is 10 seconds ahead of Mercury. That’s tight. I’ve got that same kind of closeness between those two planets in my own life so I’ve had a lot of time to observe how it functions. The combination symbolizes a very quick mind and a quick tongue. When Mars precedes Mercury, the danger is that action may precede thought; words may be used as weapons. Pay attention to any sense that you absolutely have to say or do it right now. Impulsive words and actions are not your friend.

That brings us back to my comment about the semi-square aspect between Mars/Mercury in mid-Cancer and Venus/Jupiter at the end of Leo. Big love/big emotion is in one hand; impulsive and harsh thinking/speaking in the other. And they are connected by an aspect that may be hard to see coming—a tension between the big love, the big feeling and the inclination to speak or act impulsively and harshly.

The good news is that Saturn, the cosmos’ stop sign is in a nice trine to the New Moon. You can access discipline. You can exercise restraint. You can stop yourself. If you think for the tiniest nanosecond that maybe you shouldn’t say or do it, don’t. Pluto is right there, opposing Mars/Mercury. What Pluto does cannot be undone.

With that one big caution, enjoy this midsummer. Let yourself feel what you are feeling, dance with the muse, but think before you speak, pause and consider before you do. Somehow, through all of this, consider what it is that makes you home. Find your way there.

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