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New Moon in Leo 2015

Lola and Elvis in Love (c) Jim Larsen 2009

Lola and Elvis in Love (c) Jim Larsen 2009

A great big, big-hearted, new moon to bring the summer to a close.

New moons have an effect for the full lunar month. It’s at the new moon when we set our intentions for the coming month and this one is not to be missed.

We’ve been building up to a lot of Leo over the summer. Now we have a nice lineup with Mars, Sun, Moon and Venus all here to stir up the passion, amp up the drama, pump up the creativity, turn on the love lights, and ignite us all to revel in our own royal selves.

To add an extra spark, Uranus is sitting off to the side with a nice trine to Venus and the new Moon. A bolt of lightning to those creative juices, and insight into the things you love.

It’s important to note that Venus is retrograde, which only happens every eighteen months or so. When planets are retrograde, it’s time take that energy internal. In this case, it’s time to reflect on what you love. Are you in alignment with your priorities and your values? It’s time to reevaluate, reconsider, and possibly renew your affection. Give yourself the time/space to go through this process until Venus goes direct on September 5 at 14 Leo (and pay attention to any planets or points you have along the retrograde path).

Jupiter has moved into Virgo and will stay there until September 9, 2016, shifting the emphasis from fiery Leo to earthy Virgo to details, efficiencies and practical considerations. If we are going to do something with all of that creative inspiration that’s been flooding all summer, Jupiter’s year-long residency in Virgo will be essential in making it real.

There is another piece about Jupiter that is building that you’ll want to keep an eye on. Jupiter made its first exact square to Saturn back around August 4th and it will make two more exact hits in March and May of next year. This is an important cycle, and the waxing square of the cycle that began the last time they were conjunct in May of 2000. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Saturn is the planet of contraction. When these two planets work together, they can be incredibly productive. When they fight, there’s a struggle.

Jupiter represents liberalism and Saturn represents conservatism. This square is in the US chart, and shows the continual conflict we experience between those poles. We’ll get an idea of which way we’re turning in this country after May next year. If you have planets or points near 13 Virgo/Sagittarius or even Pisces and Gemini, keep your eye on this one. If you’re trying to build or create something, watch for a tension between solidifying and expanding. Avoid too much of either.

As you set your intentions for this month, particularly in matters of your heart, your passions, your creative-self, find the sign Leo in your chart. See what house it’s in for an insight into the area of life that will be activated. Don’t let this new moon slip by without taking a chance on being fully who you can be.

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