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New Moon in Scorpio | 2015

(c) Pat Collins 2014

(c) Pat Collins 2014

There is so much in this new moon, where to begin?

Since Jupiter moved into Virgo and Saturn moved into Sagittarius the focus in the cosmos these days is on the Cardinal and Mutable signs, so let’s talk about that first. We know we’ve just been through a long period of deep, deep change. The kind of change that you can’t fully understand when you’re in the middle of it. It takes a while for the consequences to start to show themselves. This was the Uranus/Pluto square which were in the cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn. Cardinal signs are about breaking new ground, about going into new territory. That cardinality continues. We are breaking new ground, building a new world. Mutable signs are all about loosening attachment to what was and freeing ourselves up for the move.

The only fixed signs we’re going to see for the coming year are for the fast moving planets. And that’s what we have right now. The new moon is in the fixed sign of Scorpio. Fixed water. Deep and dark. Dive in. And when you come up for air, Mercury is standing by to help us articulate what it was we found down there. All three—the sun, moon and Mercury—are trine Chiron in Pisces. The Wounded Healer who wants nothing more than to help us heal. But Chiron’s healing powers can’t always make the wound go away. Sometimes all it can help us do is to see it from higher perspective, to help us use our own suffering to spiritually bind us to the suffering inherent in the human experience.

This new moon, with the support of Mercury, enables us to take the deep dive into the dark waters, to bring up whatever is there, and to offer it for healing.

The long discussed Uranus/Pluto square, while finished with its exact squares is moving within 2 degrees of exactitude. It’s kind of like being in a big storm, where things have been uprooted and tossed around. Then it gets quiet and the storm is over, except for the aftermath. That’s where we are now. In the aftermath. We’re still figuring out what the heck happened and what it’s going to mean over the long haul. As we arrive at this new moon, Venus has moved into Libra and Mars is right on its heels. As they do that, they are going to trigger that Uranus/Pluto square, so expect to receive more information about where these changes are moving in your life.

Venus rules in Libra, its home turf. Mars is not so comfortable there but he does bring a certain strategic ability to the table. Libra softens Mars’ edges and Mars adds some dynamism and decisiveness to Libra. It becomes part of the background noise right now that is pushing for action.

The next thing to discuss is the forming square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Where the square between Uranus and Pluto were a waxing square—moving toward the opposition—this one is waning, moving toward the beginning of a new cycle. It is the final major aspect between the two planets before it forms a conjunction in the year 2026.

The beginning of this cycle took place in 1989-1990. I did a quick search in Wikipedia to see what was going on then and found some interesting items. It was back in 1989 that the designation BC was changed from Before Christ to BCE, Before the Common Era. The Berlin Wall fell beginning a series of revolutions that broke up the Soviet Union. De Klerk was elected in South Africa and over the next five years, the apartheid was dismantled. It was a pivotal year. Isn’t it interesting that here we are at the last major turning point of the cycle that started way back then and we’re in the middle of a brouhaha about Starbuck’s red coffee cup that isn’t Christian enough for some; and a mixed race South African has taken over one of this country’s favorite late night shows?

Despite Liz Greene’s call for a new look at the old devil Saturn, some people still focus on the negative qualities of Saturn. It limits and restricts. It holds you back and gives you what you deserve. I’ll confess that Saturn was a bit of a bugaboo for me until my first Saturn return. I was not well-known for my great discipline. But as I’ve matured, and well, gotten old, Saturn and I have become good friends. Sometimes getting held back has kept me from jumping into the deep end before I was ready. And I’m not sure any of us can ask for more than what we deserve. If you’ve been working hard and doing your due diligence, getting what you deserve is a good thing, isn’t it?

Saturn is a container. It gives shape and form to the formless. And Neptune is nothing if not formless. It is the imagination, the vision, the dream. Now is the time to give shape and form, to make your dream, your vision tangible. Because the planets are in square and squares indicate a struggle, it may not come easy. But this is still a great time to be creative—and we’re all creative. We just don’t always let it out of the closet. Now’s the time. Bring it on out. Embrace the dream. Give it shape. Let it grow up and have a life of its own.

When this isn’t working well for you, when it’s trying to get you to change gears, it may feel like your energy is dissipating. Or your illusions are being exposed. Or your bubble is popped. If that’s the case, embrace it. Saturn is doing what it does best—taking you to that place my friend Kim refers to when she warns, “There’s no cheese down that hole.”

If you find yourself there, dust yourself off. Tune in to the whispers of the cosmos; use the strategic nature of Mars in Libra to help you find your right path.

As my dad was so fond of saying to my siblings and I, “Don’t ever forget this is a spiritual journey you’re on.” And as we are at a key waypoint along that journey.


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