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The useful thing about Pat’s work is that she innately understands the mythic and how it plays out in our lives. She does it not by telling you – but by teaching you how to discern for yourself. Pat has made my life immeasurably more interesting by guiding me through the resonance of each planet and house, the potential of every transit and progression. She has helped me understand myself and my place in community. I have observed Pat in action for more than 30 years. You always leave her sessions with new insights that are immediately useful, often life-changing. – Sheila Ramsey, Port Townsend, WA

Pat’s knowledge of astrology is vast, but what I have found most valuable is her wisdom. Her broad experiences in both personal and professional arenas have given her a unique ability to hold multiple perspectives. She uses the language of astrology to help clients build bridges between what they do know and value about themselves, and what they have yet to discover. – Cathy Englehart, D.C., Seattle, WA

When people ask me if I believe in astrology, I say no. It’s not a belief; it’s a tool – a very effective one. If it ever stops working, I will stop using it. What I like about doing astrology with Pat is that she has the same no-nonsense approach to this system of exploring one’s connectedness to the universe. For those who feel a compatibility with this way of perceiving and communicating, Pat is a great guide through the symbolic solar system. She is down to earth, yet sensitive to other levels. She is articulate, kind, extremely smart, and best of all – funny! I highly recommend her services. – Lynne Cochran, Seattle WA

Time and time again the information I have received from Pat has been not only extremely accurate but a very useful tool. I use the information to prepare myself and family for the upcoming shifts that Pat brings to my attention. I love how empowering it is to be prepared for these shifts! Pat’s expertise in the field of Astrology is truly AMAZING! I would recommend Pat’s services to anyone who wants to take charge of their life. – Kelly Long, Ventura CA

Pat Collins has an extraordinary capability to forecast career direction with details as grand as locations, professions, and employers where you would be fulfilled, to those as minute as good interview times to accomplish what you desire. She compared my chart to that of a former employer, that of my current employer, and that of my new employer, and identified with amazing accuracy what worked and what didn’t for me with each one. She is a wealth of knowledge and information, and has helped me to move from being stuck in my career to going in a direction of growth and opportunity. – Jenni Rizzo, Burbank, CA

I have had many astrological readings with Pat over the years and have found her to be extremely accurate. I have learned that when she says “according to your chart you will be OK financially,” I will indeed be OK. And when she says, “It’s a good year to form partnerships,” it is indeed a great year to form partnerships. She has also proven to be accurate about world-wide events. Long before it happened, I remember Pat telling me that according to the astrological signs it looked like there was another military conflict that was going to happen in March 2003, and sure enough in March we invaded Iraq. Pat’s skill and wisdom make her accurate on so many levels that you not only come away from a reading understanding your life better and what to expect in your future, you have a global, spiritual, social, economic and emotional framework in which to place events. I would highly recommend Pat to anyone! – Moria Collett, Los Gatos, CA

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