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Saturn Return Special

Born between 1923-1926, 1953-1956, 1982-1985? If so, you are experiencing your first, second, or third Saturn return.

Saturn return is when Saturn comes back to the same degree it was at the day you were born and it happens approximately every 29.4 years. It was the last of the known planets until Uranus was discovered in 1781. Because of that, it is associated with the limits and boundaries of physical reality.

And so it is in our lives. It pushes us to the limits of our physical boundaries. We’re often called upon to put a shoulder to the grindstone, to push our limits. We feel fatigued or depressed and we ask ourselves if we can go another step. Sounds awful, and if you’re going through this, you know just what I’m talking about. But it has a function. It’s forcing us to look at and accept our limits. It’s asking us what we need to eliminate from our lives, and what we need to take on. It commands our attention and it demands our discipline.

At the first Saturn return, which we can start feeling at around 27 and can continue to feel until nearly 30, it’s about letting go of our childhoods, once and for all. We are now the adults we were going to grow up to become. How’s it looking to you? What do you need to stop and what do you need to start to be that adult you want to be?

The second Saturn return happens as we approach 60. Another boundary. It’s a referendum on what we learned back when we turned 30 and how well we incorporated those lessons. We’re coming to the end of our work lives and confronting our satisfaction or dissatisfaction around that. We often return to the interests and passions we left behind when we took up the mantle of adulthood at the first return. There is a confrontation with the finiteness of our lives and often experience a sense of determination to live the next Saturn cycle in a more personally fulfilling way.

The third and final Saturn return happens if we make it to our 90th year. The finality of life is tangible, if not already embraced.

Saturn return is the number one reason why people contact an astrologer. They want to know what’s going on and how long it’s going to last. But an astrologer can also help you identify the underlying issues, so that you can have more clarity as you navigate this major life turning point. If you’re in the middle of your Saturn return, you could use a break. For that reason, if you were born in any of the years above, I’m offering a Saturn return discount of $30. If you’re a Scorpio, Saturn’s been transiting your sun, which feels a whole lot like a Saturn return, so you can take that same discount. Let me help you navigate this important life transition.

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